What skills do you require to be an android app developer?!
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Here are some of the skills necessary to be an android app developer:

1. Proficiency in JAVA: This is the basic requirement. An android app developer must always be well-versed with the Java programming language. You should have knowledge about the basic syntax and structures as well as being comfortable with all the latest versions.

2. Android SDK: This is also an important skill to have if you want to be an android app developer. Some of the concepts you must be familiar with are:

· Layouts and views

· Activities

· User Input

· Getting data from the internet

· Storing data

· Action Bar

3. API: You should be able to work with your own API or some other 3rd Party API like XML/SOAP or JSON/REST.

4. Back-end: Some jobs require android developers to work on back-end too. You must have some basic knowledge of back-end coding.

5. A College Degree: Most android app developer jobs require a college degree to apply. So make sure that you have a graduate degree in a related field. Or if you don’t, make sure your CV showcases your experience in app development.

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